About us

Bio and Emerging Technology Institute formerly Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute (EBTi) established on June 08, 2016, with regulation number 388/2016 issued by the council of ministers based on articles number 5 and 39 that define the powers and duties of organs of the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia under the proclamation number 916/2015. It is one of the affiliated institutes in the Ethiopian ministry of innovation and technology (MiNT) (https://mint.gov.et/?lang=en)

The essence of the institute is in supporting, organizing, and directing the various research works conducted separately in different universities and research institutes. The institute will resolve and address the major challenges in society that are related to health, food security, the realization of sustainable development and facilitate the basement of industrialization, work on human development and to establish the general framework and basic structures for national innovative research.

BETIn mainly focuses on world-class research activities in biotechnology and emerging technology which are major pillars for the nation’s Economic development. It is concerned with supporting comparable research activities in the country, working out capacity building, and paving the way for scientific research which are in line with society’s ethics and moral values that are subsequently used in the social and economical benefits for the people.

Our Mission

Enabling bio and emerging technology innovation and research products to contribute to job and wealth creation and laying the foundation to build a strong bio-economy at the national level.

Our Vision

Inspire to see bio and emerging technology products and services as a source of jobs and wealth.

Our Leaders

Kassahun Tesfaye (PhD)

Director General

Hailu Dadi (PhD)

Deputy Director General