BETin Honors Professor Kassahun Tesfaye for Professorship Achievement

The Bio and Emerging Technology Institute (BETin) recently held a special ceremony to congratulate Professor Kassahun Tesfaye on his achievement of professorship. The event featured a program designed to celebrate his accomplishment and recognize his contributions to the field.

During the ceremony, Professor Tesfaye was presented with a precious award, and his wife was also honored with a special recognition.

The event also included heartfelt speeches from BETin staff who spoke about Professor Kassahun exceptional leadership qualities and positive impact on the institute.They highlighted his strong personality, dedication, and the positive influence he has on colleagues and students.

The celebration underscores the importance of recognizing achievements and celebrating the accomplishments of individuals like Professor kassahun, who contribute significantly to the advancement of Education and science Sectors.

The program was included a heartfelt cake-cutting ceremony and a touching gift-giving session, symbolizing the institute’s appreciation for his invaluable work.

BETin, June 25, 2024

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