Field Demonstration

Bio-Management of Municipal and Industrial Wastes Technology Demonstration and Organic Fertilizer Production Site visit May 17, 2023, at Gelan Guda Sub-City. The field visit was organized by Bio and Emerging Technology Institute to demonstrate the application of vermin-compost and windrow compost technology in municipality and industrial wastes management. Detailed explanation on the importance of the technologies was delivered by Researchers of the Institute. Participants from Bio and Emerging Technology Institute, Oromia Science and Technology Authority, Shager city and Gelan Guda Sub-City took part on the field visit and shared practical experience on the technologies developed. The remarkable importance of the technologies in mitigating the environmental and public health impact of Municipality and Industrial wastes has been widely discussed by the higher officials and researchers from the participating organizations. The field visit provided a valuable insights and practical tips on how to implement composting technologies in waste management. Besides, the demonstration created an opportunity to interact with the local administration and community drawn their attention that they showed interest to adapt and expand the technology in their pl

Overall, the field visit was managed in a successful condition where participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of vermicomposting and windrow composting technologies and their ambition to work closely with Bio and Emerging Technology Institute

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