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  • Plant genetic improvement team
  • Plant health research team


  • Establishing National & International partnership with key stakeholders
  • Coordinating related & funded national programs
  • Collaborating sister organizations
  • Conducting problem solving researches and Innovation

Research Themes

  • Biocontrol against maize weevil, bacterial wilt of ginger and aflatoxin of groundnut
  • Genetic improvement of bread wheat and barley against rust, drought, acidic soil
    as well as confirming malt barley and durum wheat quality based on molecular,
    morphological and biochemical.

Research Projects

Performance evaluation and genetic screening of Ethiopian malt barley (Hordium vulgare L.): A means of improving productivity and malting quality

PI: Dr. Getachew Melaku
Short description:

Ethiopia has a wide gene pool of barley produced at diverse rain-fed agro-ecological zones. It is widely used for livestock feed, food and industrial utilization. With regards to its industrial applications, barley, particularly malt barley is processed into malt and hence, mainly used for brewing. Malting quality is a deterministic factor for the marketing value of malt products. Maltery breweries usually require a barley grain with high malt extract, adequate diastatic power, relatively less viscosity and optimum Kolbach index. Such malting quality parameters are complex and polygenic traits. This study is therefore aimed to exploit genomic regions that are linked to malting quality traits for the improvement of Ethiopian malt barley collections/landraces.

Development of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Parental Line to Attain Durable Rust Resistant

PI: Dr. Yemisrach Melkie
Short description:

Wheat rusts have been ongoing problems for wheat production probably since domestication of the crop. Rusts are among the most important threats that challenge wheat production in Ethiopia one of the top wheat producer in Africa. Growing cultivars resistant to rust is the most sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach for controlling rust diseases. However, recurrent outbreaks of resistance varieties and debilitated of many wheat varieties in major production areas are the major problems in Ethiopia. Planting of single resistant cultivar in wider areas for long period, new race (s) of the pathogen may develop and overcome the resistance of a new variety. Thus experience highlights the need for durable disease resistance in crop plants. More advanced breeding approaches using quantitative disease resistance genes and resistance gene pyramids are being used to combat wheat rusts. Adoption of thus breeding methodologies is needed to maintain resistance efficacy in developing new varieties .Therefore the objective of this project is supporting Ethiopian wheat breeding program by developed parental lines for wheat rust resistant traits (stem rust and strip rust) using molecular genetic tools that can facilitate the development of new durable resistance varieties.


1. A Large-Scale Genome-Wide Association Analyses of Barley Landrace Collection Associated With Important Traits

(PI: Dr. Allo Aman)
2. Diversity analysis of Ethiopian naked barley by agro-morphological traits and SSR markers.

(PI: Dr. Allo Aman)

3. Screening for drought tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) landrace and varieties from Ethiopia based on phenotypic and molecular variation

(PI: Dr. Dagmawit Chombe)


Name of the ResearcherQualification/ fieldArea of research interest or specializationEmail address
Allo Aman Dido PhD./Biotechnology ( Plant Biotechnology)Interested in research related to Population, genetics, genetic diversity, molecular genetics, molecular systematics and plant biotechnology, Genomicsalloaman2010[at]gmail.com
Yemisrach Melkie Abebaw PhD/ Plant biotechnology Plant biotechnology, plant molecular genetics, genetic engineering, genome editing, climate smart cropsyemisrach.melkie[at]gmail.com
Getachew Melaku AdanePhD./Microbial, Cellular and
Molecular Biology (Applied
Genetics Stream)
Functional Genomics, transcriptomics, stress tolerant traits; genes discovery, perennial, rice improvement, Molecular Biology and Genome editiongetachewmelaku92@gmail.com,
Birhan Addissie PhD./birhanaddisie[at]gmail.com
Dagmawit ChombiePhD./Applied GeneticsInterested in research related to Population genetics, genetic diversity, molecular genetics, molecular systematics and plant biotechnology, Genomicsdagechombe[at]yahoo.com
Hawi Nigusie
Biru Alemubirrollee[at]gmail.com