Computational Science and Intellient Systems

BETIn with its multidisciplinary research and development activities observes a rapidly growing demand for computational science and intelligent systems applications in all areas of its research. The computational science and intelligent systems research directorate was established at Bio and Emerging technologies Institute on July 11, 2022, as part of the Emerging technology center. People with backgrounds in computer science, statistics, and applied science will make up the directorate. The directorate will strive to provide a venue for innovative research and education in computational science and intelligent systems. Members of this research directorate may come from a wide variety of disciplines including traditional mathematical, scientific, and engineering disciplines who are primarily interested in developing knowledge and tools for computational science and applying those tools to the solution of problems in a variety of applications for the local problems.


Our objectives

  • Identify research and capacity-building opportunities that will strategically advance the development of Ethiopian innovation in the area of computational science and intelligent systems. 
  • Promote, disseminate, and create awareness of computational science and intelligent systems to the public 
  • Be the recognized center in Ethiopia for applications related to computational science and intelligent systems 
  • Promote multidisciplinary research