Everything is made of some kind of “stuff” and Materials are the stuff of dreams. In every activity of our life, we use materials, i.e., for houses, transportation, clothing, food products, etc.

Materials Science is a multidisciplinary field that includes elements of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, and studies materials in a broad range of length scales from the atomic scale, through nano and micro all the way up to the macro scale. It is a field at the forefront of all emerging technologies and it is the foundation for many engineering applications. 

Materials Science directorate engages with the design, synthesis & development, structure-property relationships, processing & characterization, and their application and performance enhancement. Since its establishment, the directorate is undertaken several researches, supported Materials Science related researches, developed prototypes, promoted Science and Technology to the public and played a significant role in the field.


  • Energy and Environment Materials Team
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing Materials Team
  • Healthcare and Medicine (Biomaterials) Team


  • Undertaking cutting-edge researches in the Materials Science field and related areas 
  • Developing suitable materials for technology application
  • Producing raw materials for industries and work on import substitution
  • Developing new technologies that will solve existing materials related problems
  • Support Cutting-edge Researches across the country 
  • Establishing high-quality research laboratory and workshops
  •  Establishing high-quality research laboratory and workshops

Research Themes

  • Energy and Environment materials;
  • Construction and Infrastructure Materials;
  • Biomaterials (Scaffolds, Artificial body parts, Biofixators, etc);
  • Ceramics and Composite Materials.

Research Projects

  1. Bentonite as Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Cement Additives
  2. Development of Composite Material from Textile Wastes
  3. Development of Fiber based composite materials for Manufacturing Industries
  4. Development of Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C3N4) Based 2D-Materials for Wastewater
  5. Effective pulp molding technology
  6. Extraction and Evaluation of antioxidant from Mekmeko (Rumex A.) Root to Enhance the Oxidative Stability and Shelf Life of Edible Vegetable Oils
  7. Industrial Sludge and Municipal Solid Waste Incinerated Ash as a Bricks Manufacturing Materials
  8. Rammed earth wall development as an alternative sustainable construction material
  9. Synthesis and evaluation of bentonite clay-cellulose based hydrogel composite for removal of lead Pb(II) from Industrial Waste


Name of Researcher Qualification/FieldArea of research interest or specializationEmail address
Melaku Dereje Mamo PhD/ Energy and Materials EngineeringMaterials Engineering; Energy Materials; Biomass Utilization; Energy Technology; Energy Conversion, Semiconductors and Optoelectronic Devices; Nanofabrication; Materials Development, Processing and Characterization; Surface Modification and Patterning; Composite Materialsmelakudereje26[at]yahoo.com
Hailemariam Gebru Teka PhD/ Biochemical Engineering
with specialization in
Polymer/Material Science and

Polymer Synthesis; Nanomaterials; Catalysis; Surface Functionalization, and Self-assembly of block copolymers; Biobased Polymers and Packaging ; Biomass conversion to valuable products; Organic optoelectronic materials; Electrochemical CO2 reduction and H2 storage; Computational Chemistryhailegebru19[at]yahoo.com
Baba AbdissaM.Sc./Food Technology (Specialization in Food Processing Technology)Food Technology; Food Process Engineering; Biomass Conversion to Valuable Products; Packaging Material Development ;bababdi19[at]gmail.com
Moges GebeyehuM.Sc./Materials Science and EngineeringSmart Materials, Semiconductors, Electrochemistry, Thin films.moges_gebeyehu[at]yahoo.com
Awoke BerihunMSc./Materials EngineeringMaterials for energy conversion and storageAbgeberew[at]gmail.com
Tewolde MuluMSc./Industrial EngineeringWaste management, Logistics, and composite materialstewoldemulu[at]gmail.com
Nefisa AbdulkadirMSc./Management Science & Engineering.Construction technology materials related works.nefoabdul[at]gmail.com
Kedir MustefaMSc./Industrial Control Engineering.Energy Devices, Industrial Control and Engineering, Electrical Engineeringkmkedrok[at]gmail.com
Wubshet GebruM.Tech./Civil Engineering (Specialization: Construction Engineering and Management)Sustainable Construction Materials, Recycling Waste materials, Smart Materialswubshet.113[at]gmail.com
Tinsae FikruM.Tech./Environmental EngineeringGeology, Mapping, Energy and Environmenttinsaefikru11[at]gmail.com
Yaschelewal ZigyalewMSc./Materials Engineering Chemical process optimizationyaschelewal[at]gmail.com