Nanotechnology is a very general term and a multidisciplinary Science and technology. Currently, there is no universally accepted definition of the term “Nanotechnology” that is generally accepted. However, if at least one dimension of the geometrical size of a material is below 100 nanometers it can be called nanostructured materials. Therefore, nanotechnology can be defined as the art and science of manipulating matter at the nanoscale “1 to 100 nm range” to create new and unique materials and products.


  • Medical nanotechnology research team
  • Energy and Environmental nanotechnology research team 
  • Industrial nanotechnology research team


  • Improve the contribution of nanotechnology research to the national needs
  • Maximize the productivities and qualities of agricultural and industrial products so that to compete with  the competitiveness of local industries in the international market 
  • Cooperate with national and international institutes in the field of nanotechnology 
  • Technical and financial support for research in nanotechnologies at the national level 
  • To play a leading role at national level in the field of nanotechnology

Research Themes

  • Health 
    • Diagnostics 
    • Treatment/therapy 
    • Water 
    • Nanomaterials for water purifications of Organic and inorganic pollutants From drinking water 
    • Nanomaterials for water purifications of microorganisms from drinking water 
    • Treatment of solid and liquid wastes from municipality and industries  
    • Sensors for the applications different environmental pollutants (solid, liquid, and gas)
  • Manufacturing and Industry 
    • Nanomaterials for values additions on textile industries, leather industry
    • Nanomaterials to enhance the quality and productivity during the process of different industries
  • Renewable Energies 
    • Nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage 
    • Researches on how to minimize energy wastage during distribution
    • Energy conversion from waste 
  • Agriculture and Food Processing 
    • Sensors for agriculture 
    • Nano fertilizer 
    • Food preservations 
    • Packaging materials

Research Projects

Will be updated soon


Name of the ResearcherQualification/FieldArea of research interest or specializationEmail address
Wondimagegne Mamo PhD./Inorganic ChemistryCatalysis, Synthesis, bio inorganic, waste recycling wondima2002[at]gmail.com, wondimagegne.mamo@betin.gov.et
Alemayehu DubalePhD./Applied Chemistry and NanotechnologyNanomaterials, Catalysis & Sensor, Green materials, Mineralogy, Energy storage and conversion, Waste treatment
Kebede GamoPhD./Materials Sciencekrootseba[at]gmail.comm
Biniyam NigussiePhD./Nuclear PhysicsSynthesis of Biodegradable Nanomaterials, Assisted by Irradiation Technology, Fruits and Vegetables Preservation using Irradiation Technology , Aflatoxin Reduction and Decontamination in Food Staff, Radiation Assisted Mutations

Eyobel MulugetaPhD./Analytical ChemistryNanotechnology, Defluoridation, Food science, Sensor Extraction
Minbale AschalePhD./Environment, water and healthWaste treatment, Reuse of waste water, Waste -to -energy nexus, Solid and liquid waste management, Water pollution risks and impacts, Water security and health linkages, Environmental impact assessment
Megos RedaMSc./Nuclear Physicsmegosreda385[at]gmail.com
Henok TibebuMSc./Environmental Chemistrytbelete2016[at]gmail.com
Betselot TesfayeMSc./Mechanical Engineeringbtselott24[at]gmail.com
Wintana KassahunMSc./Environmental Engineeringwinnakassahun[at]gmail.com
Teshome TayeMSc. / Chemical Engineeringttayye44[at]gmail.com

Anwar BashirBSc. / Nuclear Physics2001rockerboy[at]gmail.com
Hailemichael GuadieMSc. /Nuclear PhysicsMichaelguadie963[at]gmail.com