Wondimagegne Mamo (PhD)

Dr. Wondimagegne Mamo Mengistu has his BSc chemistry (2003), MSc (2006) and PhD (2014) in Inorganic Chemistry from AAU. He is currently a Senior Researcher at Nano-Technology Research Directorate at Emerging Technology Center in the Bio and Emerging Technology Institute (Ethiopia) starting from May, 2017. He was a director of Materials Science directorate
in the institute from 2017-2020. His research areas are mainly focused on developing advanced materials (Zeolites) for different applications, energy storage and biofuel production waste reduction Nano fertilizer preparation. He has also a keen interest in research topics including natural products and medicinal plants with their application to food, construction materials and
environment and sustainability aspects of future technologies. He starts teaching in High School at Semen Showa Merhabete Alem ketema, Arbegnoch Senior Secondary school in the year 1988- He was also serving, teaching and advising students for 20 years 1998-2017 at Dilla
University starting from technical assistant to Assistant professor Level, and advising 10 MSc students in the year 2014-2017 for 3 years currently also serves as Co-adviser of PhD and MSc students from universities. He has published more than some articles in high impact journals and a book in Lambert Academic Publishing He had also many years of Teaching and Curricula preparation experiences..

Websites link:- Home Institution:- https://www.betin.gov.et/


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